Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things are a changin' round here!

Things are a changin round here!

I'm in the process of going through a public rebranding!  Right now, I'm kind of naked.  My facebook look and name changed, but the websitenewslettertwitterlinkedin and other places still need facelifts!

And that's ok.  You have to get naked before you can put on your new outfit, right?!  So that's what I'm doing!

Some businesses change behind closed doors, and you wake up the next day and you have ALL this new stuff to get used name, new look, new products!  AHH!!!
So, I thought it best to #LeanIn to my skin slowly, make sure it's the right fit, and keep snuggling my way deeper into the new me.

I'm actually doing what I help my clients do!!! 

I'm undefining myself so I can Maximize MY value!
And I'm doing it 'publicly' so that YOU can see what it looks like.

Think of someone who is lost a ton of weight.
You may have known them before, and then you see them a year or so later as half the person they were and you're like, WHOA!  You look awesome!  But I could never do that!

Well, I'm 'rebranding' myself publicly to SHOW you rather than just TELL you that, YES, you can do it too!!!  You can shed your old skin if it no longer fit with the new you.

Another analogy. {I love them.}
Think of your FAVORITE jeans...from 1999.
YOU LOVED THEM!  You wore them everywhere, they fit perfectly, you couldn't ever imagine not wearing them!
And now, you can't imagine ever putting them on again!
You changed, and your image should reflect that!

So in the meantime, make sure you're on the list so you're getting all of our updates.  Some will be very public, some will be quietly done...all will be AWESOME!

Liz :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who am I going to grow in business with?

What do I say on my meeting invitations? "Come hungry, I will feed you knowledge."
Well, bon appetite!  :)

Here's today's main course:

We all know we need people to grow our business - customers, clients, referrals, partners, affiliates, whatever.  We need people to grow our business with.

So then the question becomes: Who am I going to grow my business with?

Mostly we answer that by identifiying our target customer.  (Likes to shop, has a lot of money, lives locally, etc, etc...).

We're going to take a different perspective and #AADQ. (Ask A Different Question).

What version of myself do I want my future business to be filled with?
-People like me?
-People like who I used to be?
-People like who I WANT to become?

If I were to take a guess, I would say a combination of the first and the last (who you are now mixed with a healthy blend of people who are where you want to be.)

How you do this is by acknowledging, and acting as if....

Step One:
Acknowledge where you are.  Honestly.  To yourself.  You need to get real with where you are.

Step Two:
Then, identify the people who are in your life based on #2 - where you used to be.
Write those names down and file that list under "People I WILL NOT seek out for my new venture."
Why?  Because there is a very strong chance they are going to do their best to KEEP you in THEIR comfort zone.  And that's not going to help you grow.

Step Three:
Write down a list of people who are in your life based on #1 - where you are now.
File those names under "People I will not seek out to help me START my new venture."
Why?  Their energy will keep you where you are, it will not boost you to your next level.  And what you need when you get started on ANYTHING new is as little resistance as possible.

Step Four:
Write down who you want to become.  These can be actual people in your life, famous people, characters, your future self.
Note:  When doing this, in addition to their names, write down WHY you are thinking of them (Mary has a big house, Oprah talks to people and gets paid for it, Marie Forleo is confident and quirky, Dani Johnson embraces life, gives back and encourages others to do the same...)

Now, we're going to BRIDGE THE GAP.  This is the hard part (maybe, maybe not).
Think about what you have in common with that person/those people TODAY.  Right now.

  • Mary and I are family.
  • Oprah and I reach out to others to get their view on things.
  • Marie Forleo & I are quirky and like to help others become the best versions of themselves.
  • Dani Johnson & I have been on a rough journey coming from nothing to something and show others they can do the same.

That's what's already in me that makes me completely relatable to the type of person I am looking to become.

That's why I'm 100% totally capable of having a confident, intelligent conversation with the people who I want to be like about my business because I CAN RELATE TO THEM.

Does this mean I'm going to prospect Mary, Oprah, Marie Forleo or Dani Johnson?

What this means is that I know I need to ONLY associate myself with people who my future self has common qualities with today.  I'm going to use those people to pull myself up to where I want to be, instead of staying with familiar people who will keep me where I am, which is where I'm trying to grow from.

Did it just get brighter in here?!  I think a few lightbulbs went on!!!!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm Possible!!

I'm PossibleOne year ago today I turned 30.  I was ending my 6 week unpaid maternity leave from my corporate job.  I was absolutely dreading the thought of leaving my new baby with a nanny so I could sit at my cubical.  I cried and cried.

Back at work I was virtually useless for the first week.  All I could think about was calling to check on her every 5 seconds, and sleep!  But I 'had to be at my desk'.  That was important to my company.

What was important to me was my family.  My brand new baby girl was changing every day...and little did I know would continue to do so...indefinitely!

I was actually told by the company's HR Manager that working from home with a baby is impossible and I'll enjoy the time away from her.  She was a mother of 2, I was a new mom.  I actually listened to her and thought I was wrong.

No.  She was wrong.  I missed my baby girl tremendously and hated the time away from her.   I hated people asking me about my daughter that I only saw when she was sleeping.  "Don't you just love being a new mom?"  I would cry on the inside thinking, I'm not loving any of it because I'm missing all of it!!!

It was then I knew...if I didn't act right now, I would only continue to miss more.  You can't get more time; you can't get those moments back.

It was then that I concretely decided to take my life into my own hands.  I decided to do whatever it would take to build a better life for myself and my new family.  Nothing would stop me.  The time was now!

I also knew I couldn't do that alone.  I looked at different home based franchise opportunities for support.  I looked at coaching, marketing,  property management  health & wellness, cleaning, you name it!  They all required financial investments larger than I had and 100% of my time (more than I had).

Previously I had been introduced to the Virtual UnFranchise System of Market America.  I revisited the concept.  The investment was very affordable, it required about 10 hours of time a week in no set schedule  and I was fully supported by a local network of entrepreneurs.

Leveraging the resources of the MA Webcenters division, I launched New Solutions Websites and started offering website design and marketing consulting to local businesses.  I made some strategic alliances with community leaders and was quickly building a client base.

I was physically at work during the day but mentally, I was focused on building my new marketing business.

I scheduled client calls at lunch.  While coworkers updated their social media statuses complaining about work, I updated mine about my business.  At night, I would spend a few hours with my daughter and then once she was asleep, I would work on my business.  Nothing was going to stop me.  The time was now, or I would only continue to lose time.

Six months later, I had bags the size of Texas under each eye, and my business was taking off.

I wasn't even exhausted - I was exhilarated!  I was investing my time, rather than simply trading it for a paycheck.

My job was no longer my primary source of income.  It was, however, my primary source of pain, and now my greatest expense as I had to pay for daycare in order to be at my desk!

The time had come.  The time to have my time. I left my corporate life on Friday, August 3rd 2012!!

That weekend I was terrified, second guessing myself, nauseous - it was awful. Change is scary!!!  Monday came around, and I had clients to call, emails to send, diapers to change and Barney to watch!  It all made sense very quickly, and it's only gotten better with each day!

Today, Tuesday, February 5th, 2013, I celebrate my 31st birthday at home with my family!  The best gift I gave myself is time freedom and the promise of a better tomorrow.  Time to spend with my daughter, time to spend with my family, time to spend doing whatever it is I want to do!

I spent my day working from my kitchen table, having conference calls with my own clients, interviewing account managers for my own business and prospecting new clients with my 13 month old dancing to the Sprout channel in the background....and yes, I joined in the dancing too...while on calls!  :)

One year ago I thought the only time I would see my daughter would be sending her to daycare or on weekends.  One year ago I never thought this would be possible.  I was told it was impossible.

Today, I know anything is possible.  Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says, it, "Im possible!"  :)