Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who am I going to grow in business with?

What do I say on my meeting invitations? "Come hungry, I will feed you knowledge."
Well, bon appetite!  :)

Here's today's main course:

We all know we need people to grow our business - customers, clients, referrals, partners, affiliates, whatever.  We need people to grow our business with.

So then the question becomes: Who am I going to grow my business with?

Mostly we answer that by identifiying our target customer.  (Likes to shop, has a lot of money, lives locally, etc, etc...).

We're going to take a different perspective and #AADQ. (Ask A Different Question).

What version of myself do I want my future business to be filled with?
-People like me?
-People like who I used to be?
-People like who I WANT to become?

If I were to take a guess, I would say a combination of the first and the last (who you are now mixed with a healthy blend of people who are where you want to be.)

How you do this is by acknowledging, and acting as if....

Step One:
Acknowledge where you are.  Honestly.  To yourself.  You need to get real with where you are.

Step Two:
Then, identify the people who are in your life based on #2 - where you used to be.
Write those names down and file that list under "People I WILL NOT seek out for my new venture."
Why?  Because there is a very strong chance they are going to do their best to KEEP you in THEIR comfort zone.  And that's not going to help you grow.

Step Three:
Write down a list of people who are in your life based on #1 - where you are now.
File those names under "People I will not seek out to help me START my new venture."
Why?  Their energy will keep you where you are, it will not boost you to your next level.  And what you need when you get started on ANYTHING new is as little resistance as possible.

Step Four:
Write down who you want to become.  These can be actual people in your life, famous people, characters, your future self.
Note:  When doing this, in addition to their names, write down WHY you are thinking of them (Mary has a big house, Oprah talks to people and gets paid for it, Marie Forleo is confident and quirky, Dani Johnson embraces life, gives back and encourages others to do the same...)

Now, we're going to BRIDGE THE GAP.  This is the hard part (maybe, maybe not).
Think about what you have in common with that person/those people TODAY.  Right now.

  • Mary and I are family.
  • Oprah and I reach out to others to get their view on things.
  • Marie Forleo & I are quirky and like to help others become the best versions of themselves.
  • Dani Johnson & I have been on a rough journey coming from nothing to something and show others they can do the same.

That's what's already in me that makes me completely relatable to the type of person I am looking to become.

That's why I'm 100% totally capable of having a confident, intelligent conversation with the people who I want to be like about my business because I CAN RELATE TO THEM.

Does this mean I'm going to prospect Mary, Oprah, Marie Forleo or Dani Johnson?

What this means is that I know I need to ONLY associate myself with people who my future self has common qualities with today.  I'm going to use those people to pull myself up to where I want to be, instead of staying with familiar people who will keep me where I am, which is where I'm trying to grow from.

Did it just get brighter in here?!  I think a few lightbulbs went on!!!!

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