Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things are a changin' round here!

Things are a changin round here!

I'm in the process of going through a public rebranding!  Right now, I'm kind of naked.  My facebook look and name changed, but the websitenewslettertwitterlinkedin and other places still need facelifts!

And that's ok.  You have to get naked before you can put on your new outfit, right?!  So that's what I'm doing!

Some businesses change behind closed doors, and you wake up the next day and you have ALL this new stuff to get used name, new look, new products!  AHH!!!
So, I thought it best to #LeanIn to my skin slowly, make sure it's the right fit, and keep snuggling my way deeper into the new me.

I'm actually doing what I help my clients do!!! 

I'm undefining myself so I can Maximize MY value!
And I'm doing it 'publicly' so that YOU can see what it looks like.

Think of someone who is lost a ton of weight.
You may have known them before, and then you see them a year or so later as half the person they were and you're like, WHOA!  You look awesome!  But I could never do that!

Well, I'm 'rebranding' myself publicly to SHOW you rather than just TELL you that, YES, you can do it too!!!  You can shed your old skin if it no longer fit with the new you.

Another analogy. {I love them.}
Think of your FAVORITE jeans...from 1999.
YOU LOVED THEM!  You wore them everywhere, they fit perfectly, you couldn't ever imagine not wearing them!
And now, you can't imagine ever putting them on again!
You changed, and your image should reflect that!

So in the meantime, make sure you're on the list so you're getting all of our updates.  Some will be very public, some will be quietly done...all will be AWESOME!

Liz :)

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