Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Being Transparent In My Business

In yesterday's note, I briefly touched on the transition my business underwent this past summer, and how I decided to be open about it rather than hide behind the scenes while I shifted gears.

I got some great responses to that note!  ( Have I told you how much I LOVE your feedback?!!)

Being transparent in business is not easy.  In fact, it's the polar opposite of how we're 'trained' in traditional business.

In my working experience I found that busy was valued over productive, conformity valued over originality, and perception valued over reality.  (I'm trying to shed my cynicism, but I know it's apparent here.)

Working for yourself, the reverse is not only true, but necessary.
Busy doesn't pay the bills, being productive does.
Conformity is for the masses, originality is separates one corner store from the next.
Perception is false, being your real self is what connects people to one another. 
My point is, that's a lot of unlearning to do.  You may look at people in your particular field and see the people at the top and work yourself into a frenzy emulating their every move to be more like them than the person you are today, so your business will finally take off.

What you're missing is that THEY went through a painful, awkward and uncomfortable journey - just as you are.  You just didn't know them "when".  They weren't on your radar, or probably anyone's radar, because honestly, who wants to watch a train wreck in slow motion?!  You know the feeling, watching that awkward scene in a movie, and you're brought right back to your first dance at a new school when you thought it was casual, like your old school, but it was really dressy and you showed up in jeans and then went home devastated begging your parents to change your school first thing in the morning.  (Or was that just me?  Bueller?!)

My other point is, it's not just YOU going through this unlearning, this shedding of the familiar skin.  Anyone who has grown up in the traditional workforce has these habits, behaviors and traits to shed, to unlearn and to outgrow.

SO - why hide?!  Why PRETEND that you've magically figured it out?  Why lie to yourself and say that you're the only one who didn't get the memo?

That's where the transparency comes into play for me.  I tried the 'fake-it-till-you-make-it' thing.  It never felt right.  That's why when I rebranded, redefined and relaunched my business as what it is today, I told myself to always follow one rule:  If it doesn't feel good, don't do it.

For me, pretending, doesn't 'feel' right.  So I don't' do.  I'm, by nature, honest to a fault.  In business, yes, I do temper that.  I don't use my business as a platform to talk about every nitty gritty detail in my life.  That's not what I'm saying.

What I am saying is that my business is evolving and I'm 100% OK with showing you that.

Be yourself first.  Don't worry what anyone else will think about you, because guess what, in some way, they're wearing jeans to the dressy dance and that's all they can think about!!

PS:  Maybe for the dance, I was the only one who didn't get that memo.  So, here's your memo:  you're not the only one who is figuring it out!

ASK.  Be honest.  Be transparent.  Be vulnerable.

There is so much beauty in finding other souls who are right where you are.  That's where the real transformation happens.

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