Sunday, February 23, 2014

Now is the point of arrival.

The time I started writing this:  11:11am Sunday Morning 2/23.

I've been writing a little bit this morning, and took a break to watch Super Soul Sunday.

I'm always inspired by traditionalist who have gone awry - Oprah, the former reporter who has changed the world by asking better questions.  Deepak Chopra, former doctor who has changed the world by asking different questions.

I felt compelled on this commercial break to write this to you and share this moment that just literally brought me to tears.

When prepping Oprah and her team on coming to India to interview him, he said, "When you arrive in India, just go with the flow.  And remember, now is the point of arrival."

Let me repeat:  "Now is the point of arrival."

His expansion on that thought is what brought me to tears, and I'll paraphrase hoping to do it justice as he was far more eloquent in his languaging:

In our modern culture, we are so consumed with our points of arrival.  What's next? What's ahead? Where are we going?  We're so preoccupied with what is ahead, that even when we get there, when we get to that point of arrival, we are instinctively programmed to look upon that moment that we've been anticipating, almost to disregard it, and continue forward thinking to what is beyond that.

What brought me to tears was the validation that we are all living for something that may never be.  How sad.  That makes me so truly, deeply and sincerely sad on the inside.  I can't think of a better word, just sad.

So to shift that way of thinking, by focusing on 'now' as the point of arrival, you are giving yourself permission to be present in this moment.

For example, as I'm writing this, I'm thinking about when I'll send it, how I'll promote this post, etc.  So I'm consciously shifting my thoughts to the music I'm listening to in my earbuds, energizing yet calming - no words, just music.  I'm thinking about my fingers touching each key on my little keypad attached to my ipad.
(I have no laptop.  I run my business from my ipad and phone and occasionally my desk top when I feel the need to use a mouse.)

So to wrap up, I'd like to challenge you with something today.  Right now.  Enter in the comments below what you are doing at THIS exact moment.  What are your feet touching?  Are your legs crossed?  What do you see to your immediate right?  To  your immediate left?  What is your internal mood?  

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