Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I can't get out of my own way...

Perhaps this should be the title of my memoir. 
But I'd never get it written!  (bud-um-bum!)
"Start by doing what is necessary,
then do what is possible,
and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
Sometimes what is necessary is as simple as getting up, putting both feet on the ground and walking forward.  It has to start somewhere, doesn't it?!
But it's just so much easier to get caught up in the busy-work of life.  We've created this false sense of urgency around cleaning out our inbox, or checking our FB page, or folding the laundry perfectly.
Start by doing what is necessary.
This part cannot be overlooked.  Being busy and being productive are two VERY different things.  If you're busy, you're doing things.  If you're productive, you're getting things done.  That's the key difference. 
Sometimes, being productive doesn't feel like being busy - which is odd if you're like me and used to running a mile a minute.  Sometimes, being productive is as simple as having coffee with a friend and listening.  You're learning something.  You're resting your body, you're refueling yourself and you're strengthening a relationship.
Start small.
Do what is possible.
This is where the busy might start to come back.  What is possible are actions.  Who can you call?  Who can you email?  What idea can you put on paper? 
This is where you are starting to build your something from nothing.  It's slow to start, so it won't feel productive at first.  Then next thing you know, you're creating a list of people to call back, or follow up with, or appointments to go to, or blogs to write, or ideas to pitch to a group.
Feeling busy already?  This is where your love for busy is fueling your need for action!
Do the impossible.
Think back to when you started.  You were stuck - you weren't even starting.  Then you put both feet on the floor and next thing you know you were walking.  Then you picked up the phone and next thing you know you were talking to someone on the other line.  Then you wrote and idea on a napkin and next thing you know you're sending your draft to be proofed by your team of peers.
All that seemed absolutely impossible when you first started, when you weren't moving, when you were just busy, when you couldn't get out of your own way. 
Now it's getting done...by you.  How's that feel?  Pretty damn good!!! 
(Pat yourself on the back - you've earned it!!)
Now get back to being productive!  :)
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Liz :)