Monday, July 14, 2014

Simple Networking Formula To Grow Your Business Through Meetings

Any dynamic professional knows the key to growing a business is knowing how to ask for business.
A continuous stream of people injects energy into your business and creates new leads who become clients and lead to new clients.
The challenge most business owners face is not why to do this, or when to do this, or who to do this with.
It's how to do this!!
The answer is simple:  Invite.
Invite them to a seminar with you, a professional meeting, a free consultation, your store, lunch, coffee - the medium is irrelevant; the concept is crucial!
Be careful though - there is a wrong way and a right way to extend an invitation!
The right way is to extend an invitation in a way that shows value and encourages the individual to move forward with you, and ideally with someone they know as well!
The acronym G.R.I.P. provides a model for showing prospective people the value of what you're trying to show them. Let's use the scenario that you're inviting a colleague to join your professional organization.
You make a new contact and strike up a conversation about business, eventually getting to the following questions:
1. G: Are you interested in Growing your business?
Most business people you meet will answer yes, especially those you meet at networking events or those who do a lot of advertising in your community. They are networking and advertising in order to generate business.
2. R: Would Referrals help you to grow your business?
Again, most business people will answer yes to this question. Qualified referrals are highly coveted, and a strong referral network can generate a steady stream of business over time.
3. I: The Invitation:
How you word your invitation is key to showing value.
Show value by making the invitation about the new connections you will make for the person you are inviting.
Example: “I am working with a group of highly motivated professionals to grow our businesses through referrals. I would like to introduce you to these people. Would you like to meet them?”
Rather than making the invitation about attending a meeting or attempting to describe what the group is all about, keep it simple and make your invitation about the people the invitee will have the opportunity to meet.
4. P: Place and time of the meeting:
Wait until the person you are inviting shows interest before telling them where and when your group meets. If the person isn’t available to attend the next meeting, ask if they can make a future meeting. Put a reminder on your calendar to follow up.
Keep the invitation simple.
Your goal is not to SELL, but to simply get the person to the next step in your process so that they can make a decision for themselves.

Share in the comments below some phrases that you use when moving someone to the next step in your business!  
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