Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Failing is success

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I worked on a project for 8 hours last week and then I deleted it.  Intentionally. 
Here's what happened:
You see, this project I was working on is new for me.
It's a training course online, an info product.
(If you're on my list, you've seen me send some emails about it).
I’m building it as I’ve seen it done by others, but honestly, it’s just not feeling right.
I worked on it for 8 hours over 2 days.
After a restless sleep the 2nd day, I woke up and deleted it entirely and intentionally at 4am.
Then I slept well for a few more hours.
So, why did I wake up in the middle of the night to intentionally delete all of my work?
The following day, I cleared my schedule to work on it some more, but knowing you can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it, I knew I had to do something different.  
Here's what I did, that you can do when you're feeling in authentic or having a Sisyphus moment. 
1) Step away from the thing.You can not solve a problem with the same mind that created it.
I knew if I kept at it, I'd be forcing something that may not be meant to be.
You see, 'trying' to figure something out is another form of forcing it to work. {click here to see what I have to say about the word try}
So, I stepped away from the project completely.  That small action - which felt equally huge, uncertain and terrifying at the time, created a space for new ideas, options and possibilities.
2) Ask for help.Sometimes you have someone you call.  Sometimes you don't.
In this case, I knew the answer was within me, I had just created so much noise from the 'need' to get this done, I couldn't hear it.
So, I asked, openly, to the universe, for the willingness to see this differently.
In other words, I prayed about it. 
3) Stay open to possibilities 
There is no use is asking for help if you're just going to do your thing anyways.  There's a name for people like that, they're called ASK-holes!
After you ask for help, you must stay open to receive the message, fully and completely.  Be so open that you adopt and embrace and embody the idea as if it was your own.  That is the only way it will stick.
4) Do something different.After I asked for help, started getting some hints at possible next steps, then the work started!
I prepared to show up fully for the assignment when it became clear.
The first step was to fully close out the project, which meant doing something I had NEVER done in my business before.  It was uncomfortable at best.  But I knew it had to be done.

This is what growth looks like.
This is what you can't do, and can't talk about in traditional work environments. You can't do and openly fail. You can talk about and truly explore and understand failure.
But failure happens 99% of the time.
Success only happens once, and then you move on to something else.
Mastering failure. Getting comfortable with it. Learning to embrace, accept and explore it - that's what creates the success.

The best learning comes from experiences.  So please, take a moment and share in comments below your thoughts and how this has impacted you!
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Till next time!!
Liz :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Do you suffer from a false sense of busy?

Up until yesterday, I had a Facebook Group for Soulful Entrepreneurs.
Up until yesterday, because yesterday, I shut it down.
Here's why:
I had a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur yesterday morning. We were discussing people who do their own websites, business cards etc and how it gives them a false sense of 'business' and puts a false sense of what's important as a new business owner on their mind.
We agreed that it's best to wait on certain things in your business until one is in a financial position to invest in having certain things done professionally.
So why did I close the Soulful Entrepreneur FaceBook Group?
For the very same reason that I will talk new-preneurs out of a website more than I'll encourage them to have one!
I wasn't investing in it.
I wasn't maintaining it.
I wasn't directing people to it.
I was hoping people would find it and be drawn to it and keep it alive.
I didn't have a solid, or even loose marketing plan for it.
And there was nothing about it that was tied back to my profits.
It was creating a false sense of busy that added items to my to-do list, but didn't add anything to my bank balance.
When you're starting, especially when you're starting (and by starting I mean under 5 years) you're being cautious with your resources, (another word for currencies).
Remember, there are several forms of currency. The one we think most about is money, but they also include your time, energy and your efforts.
This false sense of busy was ultimately causing more harm than good.
So how do you get out of this business busy-ness trap so you can start earning more by working on the right things?
I created a little math formula:     Recognize + Decide + Do = Result
In numbers:      50% + 45% + 5% = 100%! 
Step 1) Recognize you're in it.
You know the saying, 'you can not change that which you don't acknowledge.'  Having the ability to fully know that you are in something, or doing something that you don't like is half of the battle.
Step 2) Decide.
Work through the mental resistance and get to the point of absolute concrete no-going-back decision.  This is the mental clutter that is creating sub/unconscious patterns and behaviors that are keeping you perpetuating more of what you don't want.  Deciding to change those patterns, deciding to adopt new ones, deciding to accept the willingness to do something differently, thats 45% of this change equation.
Step 3) Do something different.
Contrary to popular belief, the action is the easy part.  Once your mind is made up, the body follows.  Only 5% of this equation is action oriented. 
INVEST + CHOOSE WISELY. What you focus on expands. If you focus on business busy work, you'll get more of it. If you focus on getting clients, you'll get more of them. And if you focus on money, you'll get more of that.

Share in the comments below where you feel this false sense of urgency creeping in and what ONE thing you're going to do TODAY to course correct!
Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!
Peace & Love,Liz :)