Sunday, October 19, 2014

How I recovered from breaking the #1 Rule in Email Marketing

Marketing your business can seem overwhelming.  So much so, that we may end up in a paralyzed state of confusion, frustration, heart palpitations and general flux.

I've been using email marketing in my business for a little over a year now.  I started off full of excitement that I was now joining the world of 'internet marketers'.  However, not long after starting on this adventure, my journey came to a screeching hault when my email marketing service provider canceled my account because I broke the #1 rule in email marketing! (I'll get to that in a bit).  

After having my account closed, I went email-less for a while.  I was in a state of business hibernation, certain this was a sign and that I should find another way to grow my business.

Really?  How?  
Smoke signals? Facebook?  (same thing by the way).

I decided to get over myself, and I found a new email marketing service and started doing things the right way!

Here are 6 simple steps to use email marketing to ensure you're delivering MASSIVE VALUE to your clients and future clients!

Tip #1) Get Started!
Do you have an email list?
Do you have an account with an email marketing service?

All you need to get started is ONE email address - and guess what, it can be yours!  Seriously!  From there, forward that email to your clients and ask them subscribe and provide them with a link.  

Tip #2 offers another way to get people to subscribe, but before you go there, read the next paragraph!  

When I was first starting to use email marketing, I started with MailChimp.  
It was great, super easy to use, easy to track metrics, and as you're starting, it's free!  Overall it's an amazing service. 

The problem is, I broke the #1 rule of email marketing: I added people to my list who did not subscribe!  

After the first few emails went out, my unsubscribe rate was really high, and I actually had someone contact MailChimp to cancel my account.  While I feel that was a bit unnecessary, I take full responsibility and see that as an amazing learning + teaching opportunity.  

Tip #2) Ask for help!
When I first had the idea to convert to a 'real' newsletter, I was super excited and kind of embarrassed that I hadn't done it yet.

Having messed up on my own the first time, I hired an Implementation + Delegation Coach to help me get my ship in top shape!

She referred me to a virtual assistant team that specializes in the email program I use (Ontraport).  Based on my concept, they were able to put together a great email template for me to run with.  From there, I made some edits, added the content - and viola!  I have a newsletter!

There is really something to be said about having people to be accountable to - both up and down!  Not only do I have to have a 90-day strategy together, I have to, um, DO IT too!!

Tip #3) Give people an incentive to get in contact with you!

Based on that little story above, you're probably thinking "No way am I going to add anyone's name to my list!  So then, how do I GET people on my list if I'M not the one adding them?"

Easy - give them a juicy incentive to add themselves to your list!  

>Write an ebook of helpful tips, shortcuts or tricks that speak to your expertise that your tribe can not live without!  (click here to see my #freebook download). 
PS - An ebook doesn't have to be an overwhelming task.  If you've given a talk or hosted a teleseminar or webinar on a topic your tribe will love, have it transcribed, edit it, get it designed and BOOM - there's your ebook!  
> Give your newsletter a sexy or intriguing name so it doesn't sound 'newslettery', it sounds appealing. 
>Offer a free report on something laser specific that your tribe MUST know!

Tip #4) Pace yourself.
There are a few lists I'm (and will be off soon), where the content is good, but the messages are daily, and sometimes 2-3 times per day.  

That's a lot.  I don't have time to a) read it and if I did, I certainly wouldn't have time to absorb or implement what they are saying.

It's also a lot to create, write, edit, proof read, etc.  It's just a lot.

Pace yourself as you're getting started.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting with an article once a month.

If your metrics are strong (meaning people are opening the emails and clicking through to the articles), then you may consider increasing frequency.

Tip #5) Focus on quality, not quantity!
When I put the finishing touches on this newsletter, thoughts of fear instantly came flooding in...
"This thing is MASSIVE!"
"This is just like some of those newsletters I delete week after week."
"No one is ever going to read this."
"How am I going to create this much content every week?!!"

So I stepped away and asked myself what I would ask a client:
"Why did you first decide to create this new format?"

And the answer was simple - MASSIVE VALUE.

I get a fair amount of weekly newsletters from mentors I follow, respect and admire.
And yes, I'll admit it, there are weeks I scan, skim and usually delete.
But then there are weeks when I scan, something catches my eye, I read it, or I move it to a folder to read later or save for reference.

Why?  Because they deliver massive VALUE in their newsletters.

While yes, this format is MUCH longer than what I was previously doing, and actually much meatier (is that a word?), from what I was planning, I landed on this format based on the vision of massive VALUE.

If I had been concerned with word count, keeping a certain length or doing what others were doing, I would have censored myself and missed the whole point of MASSIVE VALUE!  

Tip #6)  Do not fear the unsubscribe!
The first few times people unsubscribed from my list, I was heart broken and devastated!  I mean, really, who do they think they are?!

Well I'll tell you exactly who they are!  They're someone who doesn't resonate with my message, frequency or something.

So now let me ask you, why would you want someone who doesn't resonate with your message on  your list?  Are they an ideal client?  No!  Are they going to become a client?  No!  Are they going to share your message?  No!

So guess what?!  The unsubscribe is a good thing!!

So now it's your turn!
The best learning comes from shared real life experiences.  Take a moment and share in comments below, what you think and how this has impacted you!

If you found this any where other than your inbox first - WELCOME!  And please jump over to and subscribe to the list to get these notes weekly, AND to receive insights I share ONLY with my email list!  :)

And of course, if you found this topic helpful, get social about it and share it!  

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing in the comments how you will maximize your value with what you learned in this #freemail article!

Talk soon!

PS: If you find yourself in this same boat having a hard time with accountability, getting started with email marketing, or want to talk through sequencing, you're not alone!  Matter of fact, you're just like every other person I have ever talked to!  Get unstuck with a swift kick in the...ear, let's talk!  Go to to book a strategy call with me!

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