Friday, November 14, 2014

3 Powerful Scripts to help you use the word NO to fuel your growth

In the early stages of business, a new-entrepreneur can often be mistaken for a bobble-head.
 Bobbling yes to everything that comes their way.

That's going to get old real fast, and you're going to run the risk of running the race between seeing if you can burned out or go broke faster.

Not exactly the race you want to be competing in!The first and perhaps the most important thing that you can get masterful is using the word No - and meaning it!

Here are 3 Situations with easy-to-use scripts to help you say NO with confidence, grace and ease as you get started in your business.

1) Situation: Client wants you to 'do one more thing' that you've not agreed on in existing terms, but it will be 'real quick'.

The best thing about this scenario is that your work is so good your client thinks it will be real quick!  The problem is, real quick took 10-15 or even 20+ years to get there.  So real quick now, is not real cheap.

While you'd like to tell your client that, there is no need to 'put them in their place' or educate them. Rather, thank them for thinking of you for continuing to do work and then create firm and clearly defined boundaries to continue to uphold and maintain the integrity of the relationship.

Script: "Name, I'm more than happy to do this for you.  The terms of our present contract are up so I will write up a new contract with the terms for this scope of work.  I can have it to you (insert time frame).  Let me know when I can (expect deposit, or insert next step in your normal contract process), and I'll begin the work after that's completed.

2) Situation: Friend, colleague, networking partner wants to barter.

Oh the barter!  I must say I've been guilty of this up until as recent as this year.  But then I put myself as the student in one of the modules of the Money Mindset program and through the lens of my dominate money personality, I saw that the exchange of money as it relates to services is as important as the act of providing the service itself.

My school of thought on barters is that if you're going to exchange services in equal value, exchange money for equal value.  Even in you give the person a $20, and they hand it right back to you.  Money is the energy of commitment, and for so many people starting in business that are uncomfortable around money, stop putting yourself in situations to avoid it and start embracing it -in all ways, always!

Script: "I would be honored to (fill in blank with the services you provide).  I no longer barter, and presently am not in the market for your services.  If you're interested, I'm happy to take you on as a client and (fill in blank with your services again).  When can we jump on the phone (or insert next step in sales process.)?

3) Situation: Someone wants you to work on a project that doesn't align with you. 

This scenario can also apply to working with someone who you feel may be a wrong fit client.  This is the hardest one to get down because you're saying no to business.  And especially in the early days, this can seem like an absolutely foolish thing to do.  What I know to be true, is that if you take on a wrong fit client or project, there is no amount of money that will justify it's painful existence in your world.

Practice this in a mirror.  The situation will come your way, and you'll want to be prepared when it does!

Script: "Thank you so much for thinking of me to work on your xyz.  At this point, I will have to say no to this project as it doesn't align with the direction I'm growing in.  If you have projects, or know of projects that are more like abc, I'm happy to take a look at those!"

Notice what I've not done once above.  Not once did I apologize.  Standing firmly, powerfully, confidently and delivering 'No' with grace and ease means not apologizing for your stance.

I don't apologize when I'm standing there and someone bumps into me.

You don't do that either!

The other thing that I referenced in 2 scenarios is a process.  When you have processes in place in your business, you're less likely to put a client in a position of feeling left outside the system or being picked on etc.  And when your systems and processes are buttoned up tightly and have been tested a few times, you might have a client feeling like you designed the whole process just to make them feel extra special!

And that's kinda the whole goal in all of this!  :)

Now it's YOUR TURN! 
The best learning comes from experiences. So please, take a moment and share in comments below, what you think and how this has impacted you!

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Liz :)

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