Tuesday, November 4, 2014

3 questions to ask before you change anything in your business

I love this image because not only does it share the importance of being in good shape, but it gives you a great example of how the things we casually say greatly impact and affect our lives.  

Think about it.  If you're telling yourself you want to be skinny for summer, then you're only looking at quick-fix solutions.

Extreme diets, pills, massive amounts of exercise, etc.  All of these are quick fixes that ultimately are not sustainable in your life.   

But if you change those three words to fit for life, well now you start doing things that you can live with.

Cutting out junk food from your grocery trips, ordering better in restaurants, drinking more water, going for a walk after work etc.

Those are all small, manageable tweaks to your life that are sustainable.

That is where you start making some real impact and start realizing some pretty impressive results!

Same thing in business. 

If you're only focused on the short-term, "What can we do to increase traffic tomorrow?"  then you're still only looking for short-term, quick-fix solutions.  Nothing you implement will necessarily be sustainable, nor should it be. 

Think of your business as being fit for life.  

Long term thinking will add greater results to your business, ultimately through adding greater value for your customers.

Being fit-for-life is a long-term, sustainable solution.  

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering changes to make sure you're thinking in terms of adding long-term value to your business:

1) Is this something my best customers would love?
If you're bringing something into your business because YOU love it, it doesn't necessarily mean your customers will love it.  And if they don't love it, you can be fairly certain they're not going to vive you money for it!

2) Will this help attract more people like my best customers?
I talk to so many business owners who 'want a new website', or want to start blogging, or want to get more involved in social media.

Those are all fine projects to take on.  But let me ask you this - will it help you attract more people like your best customer?

More traffic is not always a good thing - especially when they're the wrong clients.

Rather than blast through a loud speaker, blow through the dog-whistle that only your best customers will hear.

3) Will this help convert my good customers to my best customers?
If the thing you're doing is not going to add greater value to your current customers, don't do it!

Waaay back in my early days of retail training, I trained a sales team saying that "you always want to turn your customers into clients, but you never want to turn your clients into customers."

Notice how each question was consumer centric.   Adding value in your business, doesn't have much of anything to do with you or your bottom-line.  It does have everything to do with your customers experience.  Focus on them, and the result will be a better business for yourself!

Now it's YOUR TURN! 
The best learning comes from experiences. So please, take a moment and share in comments below, what you think and how this has impacted you!

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