Friday, November 28, 2014

Master your mindset, not your marketing!

{Excerpt from the #freebook, 12 Quick and Easy Ways to Maximize Your Value in Life, in Business & Within you!}

5% of your income comes from marketing. The other 95% comes from your mindset.*

Marketing just does not matter as much as your mindset. Your marketing is a direct reflection of your business, which is a direct reflection of your mindset.

If you have fear or doubt, at any level, about the success, legitimacy, or worth of you or your business, it will show in your marketing.

No one buys uncertainty - and that is precisely, at some level, what you will be permeating throughout your business. It will show in the partnerships you make, the venues you choose, the investments you make, or don't make, the team you build - or don't build, and the strategy and goals you choose and commit to.

Is marketing important - yes. Absolutely. 

But marketing from a shaking foundation will get you nowhere. 

As you're building your foundation (to start or for growth) - invest more time, energy and effort into your mindset than you do your marketing and the pieces of your business puzzle will start to fall into your best alignment. 

Now it's YOUR TURN! 

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